Laneway Revitalization Best Practices

In Progress / Coming Soon

On laneway activation projects in Toronto and leveraging laneway spaces for public good


Toronto includes a network of more than 2,400 laneways. They are currently designed as service infrastructure only, but if properly leveraged, could be a resource in facilitating gentle neighbourhood intensification by providing walking and biking routes, space for play and community gathering, and front-door access to new rear-lot residential, commercial and studio units. To tap their potential for intensification, we must effectively redesign laneways’ service functions to encourage other uses.

This project looks at case studies in Melbourne, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Baltimore and other cities to discover best practices in laneway revitalization, from planning to implementation, and how these might be leveraged in Toronto.

Two laneway back doors by Francis Mariani. Source: Flickr. Creative Commons license.


Authored by Shelagh McCartney