Governance strategies to achieve transit-oriented development

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By Robert Yaro (CBI guest policy blog) The Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) faces several transit governance challenges. But they are not insurmountable. With smart polices and creative approaches, practical solutions could usher in a Golden Age of regional transit. In this guest blog, U.S. urban planning expert Robert Yaro provides specific recommendations and examples from other global cities on…

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Amalgamating the region’s transit systems not the solution

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By Cherise Burda This week, the Toronto Region Board of Trade proposed the creation of “Superlinx”, a new provincial agency that would subsume Metrolinx and all nine municipal transit agencies in the region. While most people agree integration of transit is a good thing, amalgamation is a different thing entirely, and would harm the City of Toronto and, because of…

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How other cities govern transit

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By Will Sloan (This blog originally appeared in Ryerson Today.) We all know that transit needs to be fixed—but what are the problems, and how do we solve them? Last week, the Ryerson City Building Institute hosted “Breaking Transit Governance Gridlock,” an all-star panel to discuss the problems—and opportunities—facing regional transit governance. “The issues that are impeding progress here are more and…

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Long live the King Street pilot project

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By Claire Nelischer Earlier this week, the City of Toronto launched its one-year King Street pilot project to ease congestion along one of its busiest streets. Its ultimate goal is to improve transit speed, reliability, and capacity by prioritizing the movement of streetcars along King. So far, the public response has been largely positive, with excited straphangers Tweeting out videos…

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The streets they are a-changin’

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The Toronto Star recently posted “The Streets of Toronto,” a 30-minute video hosted by urban issues and architecture reporter Christopher Hume. The video examines how streets are being transformed to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists and transit, and features interviews with Ryerson City Building Institute executive director Cherise Burda, and local city builders Jared Kolb (Cycle TO), Yvonne Bambrick (Author), and Mike…

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A Tale of Three Transit Cities: Paris, Montreal, and Toronto

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CBI invited transit experts from Paris and Montreal to discuss their experiences with GTHA regional transit official The Toronto region faces major challenges in building suitable transit infrastructure for its growing population. It isn’t alone. On October 18, The Ryerson City Building Institute (CBI) partnered with the Consulate General of France in Toronto to host “From Grand Paris to the…

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